house with no lights on

Electricity powers just about everything we come into contact with these days. From our lights to our appliances to our electronic devices, solid and reliable power is an essential component in our everyday lives. Given the importance of reliable power, it makes sense that we want to hire the right person to handle our electrical needs. Electrical issues can pop up at anytime, and shoddy workmanship can lead to a variety of long term problems and unnecessary expense. That is where knowing a reliable residential electrician can be a priceless resource.

It all starts at home

Our houses in the US are wired with what is called 220 power. What that means is that there are 220 volts of electricity going to most of your major appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. That heavy duty circuit is also paired with a smaller 110 volt power source that provides current to electric outlets and light fixtures. Depending on which appliance you are using will determine the voltage required to power the device. Generally, your larger appliances will draw more power and require a line that can provide up to 220 volts, while smaller appliances like your laptop or hair dryer consume power at a lower rate—skating by on 110 volts.

There are many types of electrical issues that can crop in the modern home that require the services of a residential electrician. Adding external lighting and internal lighting fixtures to brighten up different spaces in or out the home are some of the more common needs, but it could also be grounding a plug that is intermittently shorting out, or perhaps adding the proper wiring for that new hot tub you’ve recently purchased. Any of these electrical needs would be perfectly suited for talking with an electrician about.

A residential electrician provides context

Due to the complex nature of electrical wiring it is always worth consulting a licensed electrician before trying to handle any adjustments yourself. A residential electrician will be aware of current codes and building standards and will generally be aware of the historical context of wiring in your areas, giving you an insight into why something was wired the way it was. This added experience will prove invaluable as you troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing.

Yes, selecting a residential electrician can be challenging, but it’s essential in providing reliable, stable power for our everyday needs. Tradesmen Electric prides itself on each of the points listed above. We have decades of combined experience handling residential electrical needs, and we only employ electricians that have the same work ethic we do. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we’d enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about your electrical needs.

In our next article in this series we’ll look at some of the things to look for in a qualified residential electrician.