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Note: This article was updated in 2017.

As a business owner electricity is an essential part of your business. Whether you’re the baker on the corner or the financial planner down the street, your power needs to work properly. Your business depends on it. Yet, our utilities are now without their issues from time to time. For that reason, when problems with your power do arise, a quality commercial electrician can be worth their weight in gold.

If you’ve never had to hire a commercial electrician you’re probably not aware of what things you should look for. We believe that educating clients is an important part of the process. If you know what to look for you can make better decisions according to your businesses needs. To help the process, we’ve assembled a list of things to consider before hiring a commercial electrician.

Considerations When Hiring Your Commercial Electrician

How long has their business been around?

Young businesses are not bad in and of themselves, but experience builds character. That’s a fact. When hiring an electrician look for a business that has been around the block a few times. Chances are they will have dealt with your same problem many times which means the job gets done right while saving you money in the process.

Are they bonded and insured?

A quality commercial electrician will be able to immediately answer this question with no hesitation. A qualified bond and insurance protects both the contractor and you as the business owner. Things don’t go wrong often, but when they do having these protections in place provide piece of mind.

Do they have references?

A good electrician will have a series of references that they can provide to the business that speak to the quality of their work. They may be testimonials or actual references that can be contacted, but a solid commercial electrician will have positive feedback to share with potential clients.

Can they explain their process?

As your potential electrician meets with you to discuss your project they should be able to make you feel at ease with the process. Clear explanations of how the work will unfold are essential to understanding what’s being done and the cost associated.

Can they explain their pricing structure?

This is perhaps one of the most essential parts of the due diligence process. There is no shortage of stories about contractors who have done sub-par work and saddled the business with a huge bill. Can your commercial electrician explain the fee structure associated with the proposed work? This is important as you will want to have a measure of accountability as the project moves forward. There is nothing worse than unexplained charges for mystery work.

Does the company guarantee their work?

When all is said and done, was the job done right? This is core critical for your business. As we mentioned earlier, consistent power is what moves your business forward. Putting out time and money to have work done, only to find out there are still problems is frustrating. Will your commercial electrician fix the issue if it originated with them? They should.

These are just a few of the things that should be considered before hiring an electrician. While there are other considerations as well, these six questions open the door to a dialogue and partnership with the team you hire. That relationship can be beneficial for years to come.

Tradesmen Electric prides itself on quality commercial electric work. Our team of experienced electricians have worked on a variety of commercial projects—small and large. If your business is having power issues or you need to increase power to your business we’d love to talk to you about your needs.